Would you marry for love or money?


When we got married, we did not have that much — well, we were financially stable and responsible enough to be ready for marriage, but obviously we didn’t marry each other hoping we’ll retire soon!

We married for love, not money, but aside from other factors like our common faith, interests, sense of humor, and ravishing good looks (ahem!), we also knew we were MFEO (“meant for each other” — I don’t even know if people use this term!) because we shared similar goals and had the same ambitions. And yes, we didn’t have a lot of money, but we both had the ability to make and manage money.

To be frank, one of us (Ambie) would not have married the other (Heinz) if he was just a ravishingly good-looking bum. And Heinz would not have married Ambie if she was just a ravishingly good-looking spendthrift. Yet if either of us were multimillionaires but we did not love each other, we never would have gotten married as well (but if we were both ravishingly good-looking multimillionaires, maybe we would learn to love each other — kidding!).

Interestingly, when a survey of marrying for love or money by Forbes Women and YourTango.com was posed to women in the US, 91% of single women said they would marry for love over money. Yet, 75% said they wouldn’t marry someone who doesn’t have a job while 41% wouldn’t marry someone who earns significantly less than them.

Another survey, this time by wealth research firm Prince & Associates,  found out that 74% of women in their 30s said they would marry for money while 61% of men in their 40s said the same thing.

Of course, what people answer in surveys are not always what they would do in real life.  If you look around you — your friends, family members, co-workers — a lot of them probably got married when they had little in their bank accounts. And if you’re married, do you remember how little money you had when you tied the knot? But financial stability, or at least financial capability, was still a factor, right?

In the real world, most couples would marry for love — and a bit of money.

Photo by bluewinx15